Whitetail deer hunting

Whitetail deer was introduced to Finland in 1934. Only 1 buck and 4 does survived to Finland. Four years later 6 animals were set loose. One of the greatest stories in the history of game animals in Finland started. Current annual is around 25 000 animals and whitetails just keep spreading norther. Our hunting areas are located at the very densiest areas nearby the original whitetail areas.

Whitetails can be hunted in several ways. The most common and prefered ways are hunting over food baits and driven hunts with dash hound. Both these ways can be done throughout the whole season. For the stalking hunts, we have both closed towers and open tree stands. Open tree stands are used mostly during the early season, when deer move and change their feeding places. Closed towers are used during winter when the moonlight and white snow give opportunities to hunt even whole night.

The rut time starts in November and continues until mid December. During this time, the whitetail bucks move more and spend time after does. This brings them in to the feeding plots. Also after-rut is good moment to hunt bucks when they start to eat again.

Driven hunts with dash hounds are nice way to experience the whitetail hunting. The hunted areas are small and good group size is usually only 4-6 hunters. This offers usually nice moments for every hunter and the hunting is really intense.

We don't guarantee the biggest bucks or lots of animals shot in our hunts. However we guarantee that you will have life-long memories hunting under the northern star. Contact us and ask an offer for your hunt!
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